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The view from my window - Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

I guess I’ll resume reblogging my Europe photos since there’s nothing interesting going on in my life.

Anonymous asked:

Yeah. I did bring my DSLR, but they were all crap, not even worth posting. I only brought my 40mm lens which had a very small field of view so everything was too zoomed in. It couldn’t take nice big landscapes, and at Multnomah Falls it couldn’t get the whole waterfall into the frame. It’s a good lens for portraits and closeups, and some street photography but not for landscapes, which was all I was taking in Oregon/Washington.

If I were to go on a big, long-term trip I would definitely bring a DSLR (with the right lens) because I enjoy documenting my trips and having tons of photos. But for short trips, an iPhone is all you need. 

I went to Europe alone, but I actually had a couple friends that were there for the summer as well, and I met up with them. One was traveling with a friend and we were going to be in Venice at the same time, so we met up. Then I had a friend doing an internship in Vienna, and I stayed with her a couple days and another friend in Copenhagen, also doing an internship so I stayed with him and we met up with one of our mutual friends who was on a short trip in Oslo. And I also have and aunt and uncle who live in London so I stayed with them a little over a week. It was nice to see familiar faces on such a long trip.

But I also met a lot of new people in hostels and we would go sightsee together or hang out at the hostel in the evening. 

Traveling solo doesn’t mean you have to be alone and lonely.

All the photos I recently posted from my trip to Oregon and Washington were all taken on my iPhone and edited in the free app, VSCOcam (although, I did use paid filters but they weren’t expensive).

This is proof that you don’t need a fancy DSLR camera and expensive software to take cool travel photos.

In fact, all the photos I did take on my DSLR are pretty much worthless, because the lens I took sucked for the kind of photos I was taking and I need a wide angle lens.

iPhone, for the win.