Wanderlust Tour

They heard me singing and they told me to stop
Quit these pretentious things and just punch the clock
Sometimes I wonder if the world’s so small
Can we ever get away from the sprawl?
Living in the sprawl
Dead shopping malls rise like mountains beyond mountains
And there’s no end in sight
I need the darkness, someone please cut the lights (at Denver, Colorado)

Day 6 - Seattle

Yesterday I got an early start because I only had a few hours left in Seattle. I started out by going to Pike Place Market for breakfast. I went to a French bakery and got some espresso and a pain au chocolat.

While I was at Pike Place, I was like, “hey, why don’t I bring home some fish!” So I spent a buttload of money on some salmon, tilapia, trout, and mussels. And I had them pack it up so I could take it on the plane. When in Seattle…

Then I went and rode the ferry to Bainbridge Island. If I had all day I would’ve taken a longer ferry to really enjoy the view from the sound, but I only had enough time for that one. But it was lovely. It was a typical Seattle day, it was the perfect temperature for me, in the 60s and it was foggy.

After riding the ferry back and forth I used the app, Lyft to have someone drive me to the train station. I would’ve walked but I got fish, and the box was uncomfortable to carry. My friend who lives in Seattle told me about Lyft. It’s like Uber, which is kind of like a taxi service, but hipper, and if you sign up to be a driver you can actually make a living on it. Or you can do it in your free time and make a ton of money on the side. That opens up a ton of possibilities. If you have a car, you can just move to a city and not worry about getting a job right away or having a job before you get there. You can definitely make ends meet by driving people around. That makes the idea of making a big move a lot less daunting.

The train ride back to Portland was nice, and I could actually see the scenery since it was daytime. Taking the train was nice, most of the ride was right up against the Puget Sound. You can’t get that view by driving. And you can use wifi and charge your phone and eat food and not worry about driving. I love trains. I went to the bistro car and got some clam chowder to eat and it was from a restaurant in Seattle. It was the bomb.

During the train ride I decided I wanted to stay in a hotel rather than the airport. I have to work the morning after I get home so I figured a few good hours of sleep would be beneficial. I used Priceline’s name your own price tool to book a hotel. The hotel I booked was running about $90/night on hotels.com, but on Priceline I bid $50 and I got it. Sweet. It was a pretty nice hotel too.

When I got to Portland I had to walk across the Steel Bridge to take the light rail to the airport. Then I had the hotel shuttle come pick me up. The couple in front of me at check in didn’t have a reservation so they booked a room right there and they were charged $115 for the same exact room I got. According to the shuttle driver the hotel had about 40 empty rooms that night so I wonder if I could’ve bid even lower. The only thing is you don’t know what hotel you’re going to get until your bid gets accepted and booked. Luckily I got the hotel that I was actually looking at booking before I decided to use Priceline.

Then I had dinner by myself at the hotel restaurant, and then went to bed.

I’m at the airport now, after a 3:30 am wake up call and I’ll be heading home. I’m ready to be home, surprisingly.

In a hostel, which is worse?:
Old guy who snores loudly and grunts when he climbs up to his top bunk
drunk people who come back in the middle of the night and don’t even attempt to whisper.

Take a ride on Amtrak Cascades… (at Puget Sound)

Seattle has the prettiest train station. (at Seattle King Street Station)

What I would give to live right here… (at Bainbridge Island, Washington State)

The First Starbucks. 1st & Pike. (at Starbucks)

The Gum Wall: A tradition that stuck. (at Market Theatre Gum Wall)