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Everyone I know is celebrating anniversaries and pregnancies. Meanwhile, I’m celebrating going to Walmart without seeing anyone I know.


Bernina Express
Tirano, Italy - Chur, Switzerland
by Hanna Taylor

Anonymous asked:

It depends how far out your trip is. You should be able to get a plane ticket for less than $1000, especially out of NJ/NY. Just keep on eye on sites like airfarewatchdog.com, theflightdeal.com, skyscanner, and kayak.com. Just keep on eye on sales that the airlines are doing.

The time in which I drove through a live minefield

I got to drive through a live minefield in Morocco. Or maybe it was in the Western Sahara…I’m not sure, boundary lines aren’t painted in the sand like they are on Google Maps. Well, it was exhilarating. Well down in the desert, back in the 70s there was (and still is) a conflict between Morocco and the Polisario Front of the Sahrawi people. At one point in the desert we got to a point in the “road” where there was shrapnel littered everywhere and exploded handmade landmines, and lots of unexploded, live landmines still buried in the ground. We stopped and collected some old bullets that were laying on the side of the road and small paths that were clear of landmines. Then we got back in our vehicles, drove through the minefield, and made our way to Laayoune in Western Sahara (although to Moroccans, Western Sahara doesn’t exist, it’s all Morocco. And it’s illegal to own a map that shoes a division between Morocco and Western Sahara)

Anonymous asked:

Are you talking about an airplane ticket, or for a whole trip.

If you’re talking about the flight, it depends on where you’re flying from. Flights from North America can definitely be found for less than $1000 to Paris.

But if you’re talking about the trip itself, not counting airfare, you can definitely do a 2 week trip to Paris for less than $1000.