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This Yucatan trip is stressing me out.

It’s so much different than planning a trip in Europe. Europe is so ridiculously easy to get around. Mexico, Belize and Guatemala have no trains. Official websites concerning buses suck or are non-existent, especially in Belize and Guatemala and border crossings are way more difficult than they need to be and there’s a million different entrance and exit fees and they really add up. The only decent website is for the 1st class buses in Mexico, but they’re too expensive for my budget. Ugh. I guess I’ll just have to play it by ear when I get there. I’m still kinda hoping for a hurricane so I can use my travel insurance to get my money back and use my 2 weeks off to fly somewhere else that’s easy to get around and stress free. I don’t want to come home exhausted, I want to come home refreshed. Wahhh. 

Anonymous asked:

Nope, it’s not a bad idea at all. That’s what I did. Everyone had their first couchsurfing experience and backpacking experience at some point. You gotta start out somewhere. There’s lots of helpful information online to help you out, too.

Anonymous asked:

Yeah, kinda. But I try not to get too worried. I’m staying in a touristy part of the country so I should be fine. And I feel safer that I’m going with a friend. We’ll be fine. 

The time in which we passed around a bottle of wine

When I was in Venice I met these two guys and we walked around Venice all day together. One guy was from Canada and the other guy was from Germany. They met at the hostel they were at right before Venice. Well they didn’t have a set itinerary so they tagged along with me to go to Milan and before we left we stopped by a grocery store and they got a massive bottle of wine. It was seriously gigantic. The train car has seats that were booth style. So two comfy seats that fit 2 or 3 people each, and faced each other, on both sides of the train car. So in the “booth” across from us was two girls where were studying abroad in Italy, and were traveling over the weekend. We all introduced ourselves and we shared this huge bottle of vino rosso as we talked about our travels and watched the beautiful scenery outside the window. 

Anonymous asked:

Yeah. I could see myself doing that. I pretty much do everything except payroll there, so I know I could be successful doing that.