Wanderlust Tour

I’m starting to look at places I want to see when I go to Oregon in a few weeks. I’m so overwhelmed. That state has a zillion waterfalls, and hiking trails, and lakes, and scenic areas. I feel like you could live your whole life there and barely scratch the surface of what the state has to offer. The more I see photos of the place, the more I want to move there. It’s perfect.

…also, I started watching Portlandia to prepare myself. Hahaha. Funny show.

Anonymous asked:

Yeah, I was totally fine until I was on my way to the airport and I started getting scared. I was only gone for 2.5 months but on the way to the airport that sounded like a really long time. And I thought I was crazy and I was going to be so lonely…but after about a week of getting over the fact that I was “alone”, I started loving it, and I’m so glad I did it. 

Enjoy it! I wish I had the opportunity to live overseas.